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About Yu Kuramitsu


Yu Kuramitsu is a Japanese oil painter expressing spirits.
She started taking art lessons at Atelier Kawado at the age of 10. She enhanced her sensibility painting by oil or pastel for 12 years of the lessons and additional 3 years at an art high school. 

When she was 12 years old, her grandfather died.
A short moment after his death brought her to the way to think about life and death. Additionally, because of her weak hearing in childhood, she saw paintings were a way
to express feelings and thought. From then, she has been pursuing how the spirit reflects a painting.

In 2012, Yu participated in artist in residency in Pushkinskaya-10, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her solo exhibition achieved to be included in the event "Japanese Spring" supported by Japanese Consulate in Saint Petersburg. She had a collective exhibition at the Museum of Non-Conformist Art, Saint Petersburg, in 2015, included in the art festival “New Names” supported by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.
Yu enjoys painting human or nature and expresses the grieve over your loved one’s death, joy in the relationship, happiness in the daily life, agony and sorrow in the depth of the heart. Her art is mostly abstract, and every scene on her paintings comes from her imagination. 

Artist Statement


I believe this ability is essential to all phenomena.
Between art and human,
between human and nature, and
between human and human.
To understand the phenomena, I look at the origin: what is the essence.

I paint the flow of spirits—the flow of spirits to the phenomena.
By looking at the origin, artworks can be created without any distraction.
Any era is chaotic, which filters your eyes if you are not aware of the essence. In the end, you would hardly see things.

Cherishing the sensibility and not forgetting the essence, I want to paint things that exist the same even if an era changes.

Yu Kuramitsu at a collective exhibition Transposition in Non conformist art museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Phtographed by Igor Orlov

Phtographed by Igor Orlov

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